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Art & Craft  Course 


Course Structure: 

  1. Introduction to Art & Craft 

  2. Drawing and Sketching 

  3. Colour Mixing 

  4. Theme based crafts 

  5. Craft terms

  6. Art & Craft work related to - Spray Work/ Bead Work/ Pencil Shavings/ Stick Work/ Bangle Work/ Pencil Shading/ Grain Art/ Was Work. Bindi Work/ Leaf Press Work/ Thread Pulling/ Paper Crush Work/ Greeting Cards/ Straw Work. Cotton Work/ Brush Strokes and Other Work related to : Fluids/ Paper/ Foam/ Puppets/ Vegetables/ Pencils/ Masks/ Origami/ Collage/ Egg Shells/ Thermocol etc. 

For Fee Details Message - A & C - to 98862 129 69


Art & Craft Session 

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