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ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE ™ is the leader in Montessori,Kindergarten & Nursery Teachers Training (NTT) in India, operating since 1989. The number of our students who have found placement in various schools as Montessori & Nursery Teachers far exceeds that of any other institute. We have the expertise in this field which is unrivalled by any other. The alumni of the Academy are today teaching in virtually all the good schools, both locally & even abroad. The Academy also conducts very high quality NTT & MONTESSORI workshops for its students on a continuous basis in which our students can participate even after the completion of their course, which is a unique feature of the Academy.


The Academy has a very specialized & unique curriculum & course content for its NTT & MONTESSORI, which is tailor- made according to the requirements of the educational sector. Our faculty are highly qualified & trained & give particular emphasis on experiential teaching.The quality of the NTT & Montessori course including the study material & personal instruction is outstanding & unrivalled.

ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE ™ is the only academy of its sort in India in this field which provides 100% Placement Assistance to all its students for a period of 12 months after the completion of the NTT & Montessori course. Another very special feature of the Academy is the integrated nature of the course wherein the highly specialized Montessori system is very smoothly integrated with the more popular & comprehensive Nursery system,giving our students the versatility to be either Nursery/Montessori teachers, which means greater job opportunities.


If you are looking out for the institution in pre - primary teachers training which is the preferred option of all good quality schools in Bangalore & even right across the globe,then it is Academy of Excellence.


Academy of Excellence offers you more than a very valued certificate. We offer you a complete education in pre primary teachers training.


Further, beyond academics & course specific training, we build personalities & transform lives.

Our alumni are our best reference, for at the Academy each student is treasured & valued.

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